5 Questions to Help Your Teaching Moments Matter this Week

We learn all of the time. And most of us teach all the time, just not in a classroom. We teach when parents guide their kids, supervisors guide employees, marketers talk about a product or company, and coaches work with young people. We even teach when we write blog posts. But if we aren’t attentive, our teaching can fall flat. And we’re left uncertain whether and what students have actually learned.

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When an 8th grader made America Laugh (Funny video)

The truly great commencement speeches inspire and surprise us and sometimes take a risk to do so. We’ve become so accustomed to the “same-ness and tame-ness” that we are especially pleased when one touches us in profound ways. And some commencement speeches make a nation laugh. Well, one did. And it was by an 8th-grader.

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5 Ways to Make the Biggest “Splash” in Others’ Lives

Leaders are a group of forward-thinking people wired for maximum impact. Often driven to not waste their days, leader-types want to make as big of a splash as possible. We want to do something that matters. The problem is that we don’t know what makes the biggest splash.

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