Terry Linhart

Desire: It’s What you Want

Those of us who are honest with ourselves and those who work with others, know how desire can overrun any good intention. It can smash the best of our disciplined efforts. We find our true self when we meet ourselves at the point of desire.

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8 Steps to Improve your Classroom Presentations

I find it ironic that students who complain about how boring their teachers are perform no differently when doing their presentations in a classroom. It’s more difficult, or it takes more work, than they realize. Often students don’t do anything more than read... read more

Rethinking “Church”: Family-friendly Practices

The recent attention given to intergenerational ministry, Orange, Sticky Faith, and family-based youth ministry has prompted me to look at what we do in ministry through a new lens. If you stop to examine how often we youth and children’s workers work (often unaware... read more



The Self Aware Leader

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