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What if you could accomplish your goals once and for all? What would life be like if you got THREE big goals done this year? It'd be AMAZING! This "3 x 5 Goal-Getting" guide keeps you focused and on-track to get 5 big goals DONE this year. It's a strategic once-a-month process that doesn't replace your daily planning routine. All of the instructions are included... and it's FREE. I want this year to be your best yet in your life and leadership.

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Recipe for Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

Wintertime always renews my love for tea, so I always make this knock-off recipe of Starbucks' famed Chai Tea Latte. At the same time, it's well-known that regular the Chai Tea at Starbucks is LOADED with sugar. So, this homemade recipe not only allows me to have great chai tea, just like what we can get at Starbucks, at a fraction of the cost, but it allows me to significantly reduce the sugar intake, something important to me as I try to maintain a respectable diet.

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