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The Captain is Now Gone: Remembering Eugene Carpenter

I dedicated my latest book, TEACHING THE NEXT GENERATIONS to the memory of Eugene Carpenter. He passed away in 2012, but his influence and example continues today. I posted two articles to my former blog, which was later hacked and ransacked. So, the articles are only...

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37 the Podcast is Back for Season 3!

Some of you may know that I also have a podcast that I co-host with Michael Yoder. We've had some amazing guests on the podcast, something that we thought we'd do every other week for a couple of years. Well, it's gone so well and the audience response has been so...

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Shaping the Next Generation of Christian Teachers

A few years ago I walked into my college classroom toting three different books, all them large and heavy. As I waddled in, working to keep a book falling from my arms, I realized that all of them had copyrights that were at least ten years old. I put the books on the...

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