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What is it that you REALLY Want?

The question "what do you want?" is a strategic one. Counselors use it with those they help to clarify the goal for their sessions. Those of us who lead coaching and consulting programs ask it of our clients so we know the desired outcomes. Much of my strategic...

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Looking back on 2018

Sometimes we're afforded moments where clarity seems to abound; we can see the past and future with a fresh and honest perspective. Summer camps, graduations, funerals, weddings, and personal retreats of all sorts are often "mountain top" moments where we can see the...

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Achieve Your Goals!

What if you could accomplish your goals once and for all? What would life be like if you got THREE big goals done this year? It'd be AMAZING! This "3 x 5 Goal-Getting" guide keeps you focused and on-track to get 5 big goals DONE this year. It's a strategic once-a-month process that doesn't replace your daily planning routine. All of the instructions are included... and it's FREE. I want this year to be your best yet in your life and leadership.

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