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What if you could accomplish your goals once and for all? What would life be like if you got THREE big goals done this year? It'd be AMAZING! This "3 x 5 Goal-Getting" guide keeps you focused and on-track to get 5 big goals DONE this year. It's a strategic once-a-month process that doesn't replace your daily planning routine. All of the instructions are included... and it's FREE. I want this year to be your best yet in your life and leadership.

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6 Essential Ways You Can Build Trust

Turn your attention almost ANYWHERE and you'll eventually encounter people talking about building trust. It's an essential quality in relationships, business, marriage, consulting, and even social media. Not much gets done without it. And, most marketers (and authors...

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Where do Christians Go?

This past summer, Kelly I went on a cruise for the first time as a couple. Kel had cruised once before, but this year we went with three other couples and we loved every minute of it. We're planning another one for the future, which I wish was this week (given the...

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My Favorite Outdoor Gear for 2018

I know we talk leadership and ministry here, but you gotta' have a hobby or two and get outdoors often if you want to have a balanced life. I put outdoor gear to the test and, as I get older and more experienced, I've found that good gear matters. Here's some cool stuff that you want to have because it's amazing and they will help you have a better experience.

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