It's been really special to watch my latest book, The Self-Aware Leader, be so helpful to so many people. Thank you to all who've helped spread the word and to recommend it to others. I keep receiving comments that usually take one of two tracks.

First, I get a note that reads, “At first, I didn't want to read your book, but once I did I was glad I did. Thank you.” I think some expect the book to be super heavy in both its tone and lack of positives or encouragement. Once they dive in and realize it's meant to be a help, and that I join the reader in working through the topics from my own story, they understand that it is a safe place and that my goal is to help them be their best  and avoid the avoidable problems, embarrassment, and pain that others of us have experienced.

The second response I get is the one that gets me most excited about the book's potential. I get notes form leaders who recognized that it's well-suited for use with their leadership team or their network of leaders. Some churches are using it with their entire volunteer team as well. Each chapter can be a point of discussion (especially with the free downloadable discussion guides) in a training program, both in-person and online. And I've created some resources to help.

You can hear Carey Nieuwhof and I talk about the book on his leadership podcast here (audio only) and my appearance on the Harvest Show here (video).

The Roundtables

One of the resources I created was a series of podcasts (from my show, 37 the Podcast) where I invited three prominent leadership coaches from different fields to join me in a roundtable discussion about the book. This series of podcasts is loaded with insights and fresh encouragement from April Diaz, Jon Swanson, and Joan McClendon. You can find their bios below.

If you're on iTunes, be sure to listen and subscribe, to 37 the Podcast. Otherwise, here are the eight episodes that you can listen to right now on your computer:

More Resources

If you'd like to have me speak or help your organization in any way, I'd love to help. Please contact me and we'll talk about your needs.

If you resonate with this book and want more, I'd love to invite you to check out my Mastermind Coaching Group. We have such an amazing time in this group and those who have been a part of it have found it to be transformative and worth the investment. If you have an idea, concern, an opportunity, or a dream, this small group of like-minded leaders can help you take your best next step. I keep the group small on purpose so I can fully invest in you! Applications are available now and we'll be starting soon. We still have spots open for the next one, so be sure to not miss out on what could be a life-changing opportunity. When it's full, we close the virtual doors until the next time, so don't delay.

My guest leadership coaches on the roundtables:

April Diaz is 20-year youth ministry veteran who got her start at Willow Creek Community Church and then Newsong Church in southern California. She has authored the book, Redefining the Role of the Youth Worker. She is the director of coaching for The Youth Cartel and is a member of the advisory council for Fuller Youth Institute.   She is married to her high school sweetheart, Brian, and they have three children. You can connect with April on Twitter or at

Joan McClendon is the project director at Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative at St. Mary’s College and co-author of Life on the Fringe: Testimonies of Women Moving Beyond Desperation to Faith. She is an executive-level coach to women who run large companies in the Midwest. Joan and her husband, Kary, are the proud parents of two adult children. Connect with Joan at

After 16 years as an executive pastor at two different large churches, Jon Swanson is a consultant with the Center for Congregations. He is also a senior consultant with The Arbor Research Group and a hospital chaplain at Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN. He has authored numerous books, including A Great Work: A Conversation with Nehemiah for People (Who Want to Be) Doing Great Work and Lent for Non-Lent People. He and his wife Nancy have two adult children. You can connect with Jon on Twitter or at 300 Words a Day.