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Terry Linhart is an author, educator, and strategist who encourages and helps others be better and more effective in their work and leadership. He draws on his research expertise (Ph.D., Purdue) to consult with and support organizations and mission-driven businesses through his work with The Arbor Research Group and the Selking Performance Group.

Terry has a deep history in Christian youth work before coming to Bethel University (South Bend, IN) where he serves as the Dean of Adult and Graduate Studies. In his role as Dean, Terry has played a leading role in developing the online programs while co-creating majors in Cybersecurity, Marketing, Worship Arts, and others. He works alongside businesses and nonprofits throughout the country to create productive partnerships for the delivery of innovative education.

Terry is the founder and director of The Arbor Research Group, one of America's fastest-growing research agencies. Arbor helps their partners solve problems by helping the know the story of “what's going on.” An elite team of research and leadership experts, Arbor provides custom-designed cost-affordable research that is delivered on-time and on-budget.

Terry is the executive performance coach and systems consultant with Selking Performance Group. SPG, led by Dr. Amber Selking, the mental performance coach for Coach Kelly and the Notre Dame football team and a highly-sought-after keynote speaker, helps individuals, teams, and organizations Build Championship Mindsets that synergize people, purpose, and systems to achieve performance excellence.

When not traveling or exploring the outdoors, Terry can be found biking local roads, writing in a local coffee shop, grilling in the backyard, or watching St. Louis Cardinal baseball. Terry lives near South Bend, Indiana with his wife Kelly and they have three adult children who are hopefully planning to provide some grandchildren in a few years.



Clarify your Purpose

I want to share a proven resource guide that I first used in my own life and have since used with many other leaders. The simple process helps to clarify your purpose, your bucket of what you do in practice, and then the path you need to take as you take your best next steps forward.

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