Terry Linhart (Ph.D., Purdue) is a researcher and author who serves as the Executive Director of Bethel University’s Extension Studies, an innovative model that delivers cost-effective education tied to practical leadership training all across the country. Terry is the author of The Self-Aware Leader (IVP) and editor of the best-selling textbook, Teaching the Next Generation (Baker Academic).

Terry is the founder and CEO of The Arbor Research Group, one of America’s most prominent faith-based research agencies trusted by prominent Christian organizations. Their work has been featured in various publications, podcasts, and papers.

Terry recently founded Thrum, a research-based consultancy focused on helping small business owners and conference coordinators answer persistent questions. This small group of industry leaders brings decades of “big brand” experience to small business at cost-effective levels.

When not traveling or exploring the outdoors, Terry can be found biking local bike paths, grilling in his backyard, and enjoying family time. Terry lives near South Bend, Indiana with his wife Kelly and they have three married adult children… and three adorable grandchildren.