terry.inhart.61Terry Linhart is an author, educator, speaker, pastor, and strategist who encourages and helps others be better and more effective in their work and ministry leadership. He has become an experienced and credible voice in Christian ministry and leadership across the country.

For over 30 years, Terry has communicated about topics related to Christian ministry and organizational oversight. He draws on his research expertise (Ph.D., Purdue) to consult with and support numerous international ministry organizations through his work with The Arbor Research Group. Terry c-0hosts the popular podcast, 37thePodcast, a podcast committed to helping people move from pedestrian to proficient in their life and work.

When not traveling or exploring the outdoors, Terry can be found biking local roads, writing in a local coffee shop, grilling in the backyard, or watching sports (Cardinal baseball and Tottenham soccer). Terry lives near South Bend, Indiana with his wife Kelly and they have three grown children – Lauren, Jayson, and Sean.

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Clarify your Purpose

Path purpose

I want to share a proven resource guide that I first used in my own life and have since used with many other leaders. The simple process helps to clarify your purpose, your bucket of what you do in practice, and then the path you need to take as you take your best next steps forward.

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