self-aware mastermind group

Living an influential life takes character and capability. It's more than developing a “platform” or 7-step course. We need an experienced person to walk with us through important moments in our life. 

  • Maybe you're facing a transition, an opportunity, or a life-stopping challenge and you just need help getting clarity and direction. 
  • Perhaps there's a dream project that you've wanted to achieve but you need help and accountability to carry it through to completion.
  • Maybe you're struggling with keeping track of your busy schedule or have a habit of promising more than you can deliver.

Whatever you're facing – challenge, transition or opportunity  – they can all feel overwhelming the longer you avoid them. It's time to take your best step forward! 

I help others navigate exciting transitions and opportunities or difficult challenges and decisions through my exclusive coaching program. For some, I help them overcome what's been holding them back for too long. For others, I serve as an experienced and trusted advisor in personal matters and creative projects.


If you are over 22 years of age and in a paid leadership position and want top-level coaching, send me an Email, explain your situation, and I will contact you within 48 hours to set up a FREE NO-OBLIGATION 15-MINUTE COACHING PHONE CALL. You read that correctly. FREE. NO OBLIGATION. And you'll get the help you need for your best next step.  

Listen, God has blessed me and set me on a mission so that I am able to help others freely. And I want to do that. I know that top-level coaching can be cost-prohibitive (I do have two professional-level coaching programs) for some, but I know that sometimes we're just stuck and need some input and guidance.

If you want to learn more about my coaching programs, keep reading.  – Terry


If you’re looking for greater focus, better knowledge and the courage and skills to tackle the challenges that come with leadership, work, or creative opportunities, then consider getting some short-term customized coaching to help you take your BEST step forward. For three decades, Terry Linhart has developed and equipped people to serve as leaders, executives, pastors, authors, creatives, and more. Now he’s taking that wisdom and experience and sharing it with an intensive personal coaching program.

Terry will help you see an immediate impact on your work, clarity in navigating transitions and making important decisions, and growth in your personal/spiritual life.  He will help you arrange, align, and achieve what you've been hoping to do for too long – and he'll guide you every step of the way \to get it started and get it done so you can quit hoping and start realizing. Complete and send in a short information form and Terry will personally contact you to set up an information call with no obligation.



self-aware mastermind group


One-Month Intensive

This intensive is perfect for those leaders who want to save costs and time and receive an accelerated coaching program. Each intensive is customized for the particular leader and his/her situation. Each includes:

  • A 2-hour orientation video call.
  • Exclusive goal-setting that aligns with your personal mission. 
  • Personal coaching using four prominent work and personality profiles.
  • A time management overhaul to get life under control. 
  • Four once-a-week video or phone calls.

If you're interested in learning more, fill out this information sheet and send it in and I will contact you so we can talk further. 

One Year of Personal High-Level Coaching

The year-long program is for those who want help to accomplish a project, gain accountability, or refresh their leadership. The one-year program includes:  

  • Exclusive goal-setting so that your life mission can be realized.  
  • A time management overhaul to get life under control. 
  • Personal coaching with four prominent work and personality profiles.
  • 12 once-a-month 90-minute video coaching calls.
  • Evergreen membership in a private Facebook group with like-minded leaders. 

If you're interested in learning more, fill out this information sheet and send it in and I will contact you so we can talk further. 


self-aware mastermind group with Terry Linhart

“Terry was able to see skills I possessed that I had not realized I had yet. When presented with these opportunities I was not only challenged, but I was able to grow and learn in a healthy environment. He helped form me into the individual I am today. He leads by example and also leads through providing opportunities even when I myself didn't feel prepared for them.” – Haley B.

“In my last major leadership context, I wasn't a particularly self-aware leader. I mishandled a couple of key relationships, missed some opportunities, and failed to execute some things I tried to do … Terry Linhart's The Self-Aware Leader is designed to help leaders like me see where their blind spots are— the gifts, vulnerabilities, and opportunities—so we can lead effectively.”  – James M.

“Our conversations led to a new sense of purpose and excitement and were backed by encouragement while edged with an urgency to press in for more. He is approachable, humble, and transparent in our interactions. Terry offers wisdom that makes me believe I can attain whatever I pursue.” –  Jessica H.


Terry Linhart is a consultant, educator, author, and strategist who develops and launches leaders to lead nonprofit organizations, Christian ministries, mission-driven businesses, and startups. After over 15 years in full-time Christian ministry, Terry now serves as Dean of Adult and Graduate Studies at Bethel College where hs coordinates graduate and nontraditional online programs in business, ministry, counseling, nursing, and education. Terry continues as the founder and director of the Arbor Research Group, a group that assists non-profit organizations, churches, and mission-driven businesses with actionable insights and leverageable data for strategic decision-making. His most recent book, THE SELF-AWARE LEADER (IVPress, 2017), has been used by leadership teams all around the world as part of training and team-building programs. 


When many nationally-recognized coaching programs seem cost-prohibitive, I wanted to keep this super affordable. To do so, I limit my coaching to just a few folks at a time, I can keep it customized while providing the very highest level of coaching so that what we do together really matters. You get me on your team and I'm happy to help you with whatever God has placed in front of you! Whether you want a one-month intensive or you choose the year-long program, we'll take advantage of our time together. Those who have coached with me so far would say that it's been worth the time and investment. Apply today and don't miss out on taking your best next step.

I hope to hear from you soon – Terry

Take on this year with confidence and new self-awareness and accomplish those goals that have sat idle too long when you give yourself the gift of this important leadership growth opportunity!  Apply today!