self aware leader mastermind group

Are You Facing Some Not-So-Clear Opportunities? 

self-aware mastermind group

Maybe you struggle with keeping track of your busy schedule or have a habit of promising more than you can deliver. Or maybe you're facing a transition or opportunity and you need some input from those outside of your situation to understand and think about all of your options and potential next steps. 

Whatever you're facing – challenge, transition or opportunity  – they can all feel overwhelming the longer you avoid them. 

It’s a fact: the longer you’re in leadership, the more challenges you're going to experience. We want to hope that time will fix those areas where we’re struggling… but often it doesn’t.

What might happen, though, if you could face those blind spots, those exciting transitions, those unexpected opportunities, once and for all in a caring environment with like-minded leaders?


For the last two decades, Terry Linhart has developed and equipped young adults to serve as ministry leaders, pastors, youth workers, missionaries, and managers. Now he’s taking that wisdom and sharing it with seasoned leaders through his new book, The Self-Aware Leader and for those wanting to go deeper, in a brand new mastermind group that you can join now, while spots are still available.

If you’re looking for greater focus, better knowledge and the courage to tackle the challenges that come with leadership, then consider joining the Self-Aware Mastermind Group. You’ll spend sixteen weeks with a small, exclusive group of like-minded leaders all with the same desire as you, to develop better self-awareness in your life and leadership.

The group is limited to a maximum of 8 participants, ensuring that you will have plenty of confidential, personal conversations and focused attention by both your coach and your cohorts.

Some of the important results you’ll achieve as a member of this mastermind:

  • A greater impact in your work
  • A better ability in navigating transitions or important decisions
  • Growth in your relationship with Christ
  • Quicker results towards achieving your professional goals
  • Awareness of your blind spots, gifts, talents, and opportunities



self-aware mastermind group


As a member of Terry’s exclusive mastermind group this fall, you’ll have opportunities to meet with other highly motivated and like-minded leaders in 2 video conference calls, cohort discussions via a private Slack channel as well as lifetime access to a closed FB group for ongoing discussion and feedback even after the mastermind ends. 


Terry’s exclusive Executive Leadership Cycle coaching method will equip you with the tools and insights you need as someone responsible for leading others. Each month, you’ll also take part in two one-on-one phone coaching sessions with Terry.


Be guided through Terry’s personal time management course that will help identify your goals and assist you in developing a schedule with a customized routine that works with it. You control your schedule – not the other way around.


Participate in six of the best personality and skill assessments available today to help you be better aware of your natural motivations, behavior traits, and leadership qualities. Gain deeper knowledge and understanding of those assessments when you and Terry talk through your results.


Terry Linhart is a speaker, educator, and strategist who develops and launches leaders to lead ministries, nonprofits, and churches. He and his wife Kelly live near South Bend, IN and they have three grown children. A professor at Bethel College (Indiana), Terry enjoys teaching courses on Christian leadership and ministry. He helped Bethel grow a nationally-recognized Christian ministry degree and, more recently, a Worship Arts major that has its own Nashville-based record label, HCM Records.

Terry is also the founder and director of the Arbor Research Group, a group that supports global and local Christian organizations and businesses with actionable insights and leverageable data for strategic decision-making. He is co-host of 37 the Podcast, a podcast focused on helping people move from pedestrian to proficient in their work and leadership.


self-aware mastermind group with Terry Linhart
“Terry provided me with opportunities to learn and grow in new settings. He was able to see skills I possessed that I had not realized I had yet. When presented with these opportunities I was not only challenged, but I was able to grow and learn in a healthy environment. He helped form me into the individual I am today. He leads by example and also leads through providing opportunities even when I myself didn't feel prepared for them.” – Haley B.
“Terry sees the best, even though he's probably also spotted my blind spots. Our conversations lead to a new sense of purpose and excitement and are backed by encouragement while edged with an urgency to press in for more. He is approachable, humble, and transparent in our interactions. Terry offers wisdom that makes me believe I can attain whatever I pursue.” –  Jessica H.
“In my last major leadership context, I wasn't a particularly self-aware leader. I mishandled a couple of key relationships, missed some opportunities, and failed to execute some things I tried to do. I'm not beating myself up about it, whatever self-awareness I have has been hard won. Terry Linhart's The Self-Aware Leader is designed to help leaders like me see where their blind spots are— the gifts, vulnerabilities, and opportunities—so we can lead effectively.”  – James M.


Many personal coaching programs can cost anywhere from $2,000 – $5,000 per month.

However, the Self-Aware Mastermind Group includes all of this:

  • a time management course
  • monthly video calls with the group
  • six profile assessments
  • executive leadership cycle
  • monthly one on one personal coaching with Terry
  • and much more!

Purchased separately, the above list would be valued at more than $4,000 – but you can join for a special early bird rate of just $1,800!  This exclusive group begins January 10, 2018 and runs through April 30, 2018, but early bird registration CLOSES November 15. You can also save even more when you pay in full – $1,620 total (a 10% savings) by December 15, 2017 or you're welcome to take advantage of our easy payment option of four easy installments of $450.* There's a payment option for every leader.

Let's face it – ministry is only as effective as leaders are self-aware. Finish 2017 and get ready for an incredible 2018 when you give yourself the gift of this important leadership growth opportunity!

*Not comfortable with the idea of group coaching in a mastermind format? If you're a leader who prefers more private executive-level coaching, contact Terry to learn more about his one-on-one executive coaching opportunities.


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