I am a regular guest on the wildly popular Everyday Exiles podcast network. It’s popular not because I’m a guest (of course!), but because EE has a wide range of fantastic podcasts and they keep them coming out every week! They have podcasts on Narnia, movies, theology, startups, and more.

The most recent interview on the LEAD FORWARD show has received a LOT of positive feedback and I wanted to share it here. Chris Lawson and I had a rich conversation that will prove helpful and is loaded with tips and insights we’ve learned along the way.

In other news…..


A few weeks ago I had an “ah-ha” moment where I realized that I was giving excuses to myself about a work project. I was using a familiar story about why I couldn’t do something. I was able to see at that moment that if I didn’t make substantial changes, I would be the same person, but slowly fading, in five years. I need to change. And it can’t wait. And I think you may want to jump in as well for the summer and see what goals you can accomplish alongside of others working to do the same!

I want to let you know about a “challenge” program that I’ve got going. It’s SUPER informal and won’t require a lot of time from you, but it could just be one of the most significant recent investments in your life. And it costs next to nothing because, well, I just want to form the community and get rolling on this! And I need to cover the costs.

To learn more, visit META12.US! It all closes on June 1 for the summer!