Meta 12 is Primed for Your Success! 

Coaching Content!

One of the great advantages you get for Meta 12 is a step-by-step series of resources to help you set good goals and then get them done. Beginning with a goal-setting guide and then helps to get you thinking about how you can grow productively, mentally, socially, spiritually, relationally, and financially, you'll find that this process alone is worth joining in. But it doesn't end there! Meta 12 includes!

  • 12 Weekly Email newsletters with tips, stories, and encouragement.
  • 12 Fun Weekly Challenges to keep you on-track each week.
  • 12 Check-in's to the Meta 12 private Facebook group.
  • 5 Amazing worksheets to guide your progress toward your goals.
  • 3 Live Video Webinars with Terry where you can interact with other Meta 12 members as well.
  • 1 Supportive Meta 12 Community!

So, you can see that you won't walk the Meta 12 journey alone! You will receive timely coaching and encouragement from me and others) throughout the challenge!  Take the challenge now!

Like-Minded Community

You will set your own goals and then make weekly plans for how you're going to get them done. As you know from experience, it's easy to start strong, but it's difficult to sustain over time. That's why we need each other! We're in this together! The Meta 12 private Facebook group is the place to share stories, ask questions, and offer encouragement to others.

  • Membership in an exclusive private Facebook group.
  • Weekly interaction to report progress, answer questions and offer insights.
  • Surprises along the way to keep going!
  • Podcasts from Coaching with Terry Linhart that will keep you encouraged and motivated.

Take the challenge now!

Vibrant Future

If you're human, your mind has already been working overtime to tell you why you shouldn't do this. That's the resistance working to keep you from something better, just like it's been working in our lives for years. And it's why we haven't changed very much in the last five years.

It isn't about cost, because we've kept the price ridiculously low. Some charge hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars for challenges like this. You can get started for just $47 (about a cup of Starbucks coffee per week – or you can take a budget-friendly route with three monthly payments of $17) and you'll be off and running toward something new and exciting in your life.

If you're ready to join in on this dynamic challenge, just CLICK HERE. I'll Email you shortly thereafter and then send you the goal-setting guide with instructions on how to get started. And consider inviting a friend or two. It's always better when you have accountability in place for new challenges!



Too often people settle. Over time that decision resigns people to the slow fade and suddenly they find themselves in a place where they don't want to be. But here's the secret of the slow fade: We will all suffer it. We will … unless we take intentional steps forward.

Sitting on the couch recently, the headquarters for the slow fade, I had the rare gift of recognizing the atrophy that had come to be in my life. I felt stuck in patterns and excuses as to why I couldn't find the time to do what I know was best for me. I was telling myself the same excuses I had said the year before. And nothing had changed in that year.

I couldn't go another year like that. Too much was at stake at this point in my life. The next year would shape the next ten years and I needed to make some fundamental changes, the kind that changed the meta-narrative of my life. No longer did I want the same story that had shaped it for the last five years to be the same for me going forward. And I know it would take more than an online course or a 100-day journey to do that; it would take a full year.

And I would need the help of others to get there. And that's a bit embarrassing, for sure, but that's also one of the excuses we use too quickly. This challenge is going to require us to Dig Deep, Stand UP, and Press On.

We've settled for too long with some things that we don't need. We've let ourselves fade into some bad habits and worse. As I wrote in The Self-Aware Leader, we don't drift toward better behaviors. We don't need any more procrastination on things that aren't what God intended for us to keep.

Whether you're 18 or 81 (or more!), let's join together and dig in. Let's stand out from the crowd that wants us to just settle in and float along. Let's fight atrophy and rekindle the spark and values we once held and acted on each week.

I've created a challenge and a community called META 12 that will help us do just that. The result of my couch conversation with myself was that I needed to do this NOW or my future wasn't going to be as dynamic as it could be. I needed to make some “meta” changes in my life so that the next three decades were as rich as the last three. I was settling in without even knowing it!

META 12 is a simple 12-week challenge. When you join you will be a part of a tribe of like-minded folks who want to swim against the flow and encourage others to do so as well. This 12-week challenge just costs the same ($47) as a cup of Starbucks coffee each week. Some programs charge $179, $279 and MORE for similar challenges. So, don't jump in and let's GOOO! Join in and get started!