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At the end of Season Two, we are so grateful for your support and for your help in launching this show. We’ve had many people discover us for the first time this Spring, so we’re looking forward to even better things this Fall!

Our guest for this special episode is Steve Huffman, one of our most popular guests from Season 1. Steve is now the Pastor of Leadership Development, Campus Development & Prayer at a Vineyard church, taking his executive leadership skills from the marketplace to the local church. Steve started in the informational technology world and worked himself through the ranks to become President of Beacon Health Systems and South Bend Memorial Hospital, a large network healthcare organization east of Chicago. A graduate of the highly competitive Executive MBA program at Notre Dame, Steve left that job to serve in a fast-growing local church to develop the next wave of church leaders and to help the church move to a multi-site format.

Steve has been married for 19 years and is the father of three boys. At one time, Steve was named by Huffington Post as one of the Top 50 CIO’s to follow on Twitter.  He’s still a “Top 50” guy to follow on Twitter in our opinion!

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Clarify your Purpose

I want to share a proven resource guide that I first used in my own life and have since used with many other leaders. The simple process helps to clarify your purpose, your bucket of what you do in practice, and then the path you need to take as you take your best next steps forward.

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