Do you want to write a book? How long are you willing to work (read: struggle, cry, throw things) toward realizing that dream? Most people give up before 40,000 words are put to paper. Most of the rest of us pass up on the dream after five years of shopping a proposal around. “No” is the most common word in a publisher’s repertoire. You have to know that most published books, even those that sell a million or more copies, were turned down before they were accepted.

Would you stay at your dream for an idea for 11 years? 

That’s what I did. I had an idea that I was convinced would be helpful to other Christian leaders and I knew I had to keep working at it until it was finally published. The Self-Aware Leader is my eighth book to publish, but it’s my first outside of the youth ministry or academic market. It was an 11-year journey from the moment that I was invited by a publisher to submit a proposal to the point where it came out in print with a different company.

So, to commemorate the book’s release on March 14 (I am hosting virtual and on-site launch party on March 11th from 1-3 p.m. EST), I recorded a series of helpful podcasts with the agents and editors who walked the journey with me. Each show first appeared as an episode on 37 the Podcast. For easy reference, I thought I’d list the entire series here, a “one-stop” reference to learn about publishing from this book’s story. I want these to be an encouragement to you to NOT GIVE UP if you have an idea or story that’s worth being published.

I want to recommend a valuable resource guide for you. I’ve put all of my tips and insights, my favorite books resources, and more into a FREE DOWNLOAD on “getting published.” You’ll want to get that resource guide to help you chase your publishing dreams.


Click on the episode links below to go directly to the show’s webpage (or click HERE to go to iTunes).

Episode 1 – Terry Linhart shares the story of THE SELF-AWARE LEADER and its 11-year odyssey. Connect with Terry on Twitter.

Episode 2 – Literary Agent Steve Laube (Steve Laube Agency) talks about Christian publishing and why it was so daunting for Terry to get his book published in the early days. Connect with Steve on Twitter.

Episode 3 – Literary Agent Holly Root (Root Literary) discusses excellence in writing and publishing. She shares insights about the role of a literary agent and what she did to help shape the manuscript’s proposal. Connect with Holly on Twitter.

Episode 4 – Terry and Michael talk with Rick Lawrence about being Shrewd and how his counsel helped Terry stay with it. (This episode was recorded in 2016)  Connect with Rick on Twitter.

Episode 5 – David Zimmerman was the editor who took the book for InterVarsity Press. Now the senior editor at NavPress, David stops by to discuss what an acquisitions editor does and why the book sold three years after all publishers had passed on it. Connect with David on Twitter.

Episode 6 – Helen Lee served as editor for THE SELF-AWARE LEADER. Terry and Helen talk about the editor’s role in helping authors (and leaders) find their “voice.” You can connect with Helen at her website or on Twitter.

If you’re interested in order THE SELF-AWARE LEADER in bulk for your group, leadership team, church, or organization, contact InterVarsity directly for special pricing.