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Thanks for your interest in The Self-Aware Leader book. My prayer is that it is a help to you and your ministry leadership. I wrote this book to be an encouragement to you because I believe your best days of ministry are still ahead. No matter if we’re young or old, if we’re honest, Christ-honoring self-awareness is something that all of us need to keep working toward.

I know that reading a book isn’t enough to get started. That’s why I’ve created this page. Be sure to get the free downloads that we have created for supervisors, small groups/ministry teams, and for personal retreats.

In the near future, I’ll have some online workshops to help launch us toward great effectiveness in our leadership impact and in our faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

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You can find The Self-Aware Leader: Discovering your Blind Spots to Reach Your Ministry Potential at any major book distributor, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Christian Book Distributors.







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The Self-Aware Leader was written to be an encouragement to those in Christian ministry, whether vocational or volunteer. We’ve created a FREE Download (ZIP file) of resources for Supervisors and Discussion Leaders important aids to getting the most from the book. We have included two retreat guides to facilitate personal times of spiritual renewal. Click the download button below (or above) to immediately download that ZIP file.







Podcast Episodes

There are eight roundtable discussions from 37 the Podcast that focus on THE SELF-AWARE LEADER. You can find them at 37 the Podcast. You can also see an interview that I did about the book on The Harvest Show




“Terry Linhart has delivered a winning exploration of what you need to know about your past, present, and future leadership journey. Those you lead will thank you for reading this book.”

— Kara Powell, executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute, coauthor of Growing Young

Linhart brings much-needed attention to common blind spots that often hinder young leaders and provides biblical practices to address them. A must-read practical guide for leadership teams or anyone hoping to grow their effectiveness in leadership!”

—Tom Lin, president/CEO of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

“Terry Linhart has given a gift to those of us who care about developing faithful leadership for the decades ahead. The Self-Aware Leader provides wonderful content and profound questions for reflection that can help leaders do the important inner work that is absolutely vital for long-term effectiveness in ministry. This is a wonderful resource, both for leaders and their mentors!”

—Ken Knipp, VP of training, Young Life

“In a society where people remain silent from having the conversations needed for healthy settings, ministries have relaxed and adopted the normalcy of allowing gaps among leaders. My friend Terry provides practical exercises that will help organizations learn how to gather together, address issues, and adopt best practices to keep the lines of communication open and ongoing.”

—Fred Oduyoye, director of networking, Youth Specialties

“I’ve been waiting for Terry to write this book ever since I first heard him talk about it. It’s overdue! It’s a must-read for every leader. I will highly recommend it to anyone who desires to be a healthy leader.”

—Doug Fields, veteran youth pastor, bestselling author, cofounder, Downloadyouthministry.com

“Fresh and relevant! This book brilliantly offers great insights and will challenge you to take a deeper look at how ministry has been done in the past. It is a game-changer for Christian youth workers desperately trying to stay in step with our rapidly shifting culture, providing real-life strategies for success! Bravo!”

—Joan McClendon, project director, Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, Saint Mary’s College

“When I went into full-time ministry at twenty years old, I wish I’d had this book at my disposal. The Self-Aware Leader is an incredible tool for both individuals and teams, but it’s especially helpful for young leaders learning to navigate ministry, leadership, and their own limitations for the first time. Terry helps leaders have the tough conversations necessary for growing in both self-awareness and Christlikeness.”

—Elle Campbell, author, speaker, cofounder of Stuff You Can Use

“A few ministry leadership tours of duty convinced me that too many otherwise gifted people hit ineffectiveness walls because they were unable (or unwilling) to carefully consider the cracks in their foundations. This book is written by a friend who has become comfortable in his own skin and wonderfully fruitful as a leader, in part because he is fully committed to staying on the same journey he so carefully describes as necessary for the authentic, self-aware leader.”

—Dave Rahn, senior ministry advisor, Youth for Christ USA

“I’m so thankful Terry Linhart wrote this book. The journey he takes leaders on is so important … I would encourage you to read this prayerfully and expectantly. I hope you come to value this book. Sure, it will be a mirror. And only the brave look in the mirror. But the mirror you’re holding will eventually morph into a window, a window into a redeemed future.”

— Carey Nieuwhof, teaching pastor of Connex Church (Toronto), host of The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast, and author of Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations That Will Help Your Church Grow.  www.careynieuwhof.com