I regularly encounter people who feel like their work or life is overrunning their ability to keep it all together. LIke an earthen dam, they feel like the waves of responsibility and expectations washing up against them and feel that they’re only able to do all they can to not let everything just spill out and make a mess. Or worse.

Time management skills are crucial to success in life more than ever in these busy and noisy days. One practice I’ve developed over time is what I call “the law of bracketing.” Bracketing is a way to create boundaries on our time so that we can schedule better and focus guilt-free on the task(s) at hand.

When I share this practice with young leaders who are feeling the pressure, it’s like I just gave them a magic key that unlocked greater peace of mind and gave them new room for creative work and personal time.

On a recent podcast, I shared about this law (in support of the Meta 12 summer challenge) and I think it’s helpful for people of all ages and in all phases of life.

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Photo by Kevin on Unsplash