My blog has been on a journey over the past year. About a year ago the server that hosted it succumbed to a massive hacking attack that affect my website. i reached out to my friend, Adam McLane, who graciously took my blog in, gave it a new home, and even spruced it up with a new design. I am so very grateful to him and his staff for their helpfulness.

About three months ago, I realized that the webspace where I had my podcast (37thePodcast) website and a website for my consulting work (Arbor Research Group) also had room for my personal website. So, I decided to host a new website there where I can better serve those who visit it. There are some exciting things coming in 2016 and 2017 and the new website will serve that growth well.

BUT… as you just noticed the transition hasn’t been super smooth and a “testing” Email went out from this website by accident to my mailing list. I am so sorry for that and I appreciate your patience and understanding.  I did not realize that the FEED was “on” and would send an Email to you.

Again, thanks for hanging in there. We have some really cool and upbeat plans for the website!